Causes Of Tinnitus


Causes Of Tinnitus

Tinnitus can be a complicated condition because there are several underlying causes of ear ringing complaints. The condition is often a symptom of other underlying problems in the body. When the cause of your Tinnitus is identified, it is usually possible to proceed with a remedy that will help to deal with the problem. Notice that I hesitate to use the word cure. Dealing with Tinnitus is often the case of reducing the symptoms of ear ringing rather than fully curing and condition. So 11 of the possible causes of Tinnitus are:

#1 A Sudden Bang!!

Damage from a specific incident involving a loud and/or sudden noise. An example would be an explosion of somebody firing a gun. Ear ringing may occur soon after the incident and will not always result in long-term damage. Seek rapid medical attention. One of the highest causes of tinnitus in children is their sensitivity to loud bangs, e.g. firework displays, special effects at the theatre, noise from big crowds. #2 Prolonged Exposure To Loud Noises Prolonged or repeated exposure to excessive noise is an underlying cause of tinnitus in adults. This is likely to be due to workplace exposure to loud machinery. Your employer has a duty to provide ear protection to minimise the onset of hearing or ear ringing problems. Tinnitus and hearing problems can be worse the older you are. Many of our children could face future problems with their hearing and possible tinnitus through the prolonged use of headphones to listen to MP3 players and iPods at very high volumes.

#3 Loud Music Shows

Ear ringing from concerts. Attendance at rock concerts and other entertainment venues, e.g. nightclubs. It is a fact that many people suffer with short-term ear ringing after going to watch their favourite band or following a night out at the disco. If you spend the night too close to the speakers you may suffer some damage on the loud music. Again this is likely to be a short-term problem with your ears.

#4 Build Up Of Ear Wax

The next possible causes a buildup of ear wax, and more importantly taking inappropriate actions to try and deal with it. We’ve all been tempted to stick our finger in our ear or even worse use a cotton bud or a matchstick to try to clear out a buildup of ear wax. We all think that the wax is unsightly but is fulfilling an important role in providing a barrier against possible infection and keeping out foreign bodies including insects. It also helps to keep the ear canal moist and supple. If we can resist the temptation to fiddle about inside our ears, the ears will usually clean themselves. Sometimes cleaning process fails in this buildup may cause ear ringing and loss of hearing. If you have a problem with a buildup of wax, please go and see a doctor.

#5 Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease or Syndrome usually affects people who are over 50. The symptoms include tinnitus, vomiting, vertigo, dizziness and possibly loss of hearing. The primary cause is an increase in fluid within the canals of the inner ears. It is this portion of the ear which controls your balance and maintains your body position. The excessive fluid can also damage the cochlea and if this occurs you have difficulty hearing certain sounds and you will probably suffer with ear ringing.

An attack of vertigo or loss of balance could be an early sign that you are suffering from Meniere’s Disease – so it is very important that you seek only medical attention or the condition will get worse.

#6 High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure. Medical link between high blood pressure and Tinnitus has not been fully established however observations suggest that there is a strong link. Many sufferers find that when their blood pressure is reduced that there ear ringing will also lessen or go away completely. The other sign of a problem with the circulatory system is when you think you can hear the blood pumping through your body. This type of ear ringing is called pulsatile Tinnitus.

#7 Tinnitus – A Symptom Of A Major Condition?

The seventh in the list is a mixture of conditions which can lead to Tinnitus. We said at the beginning that there was no single cause of ear ringing and there are a number of medical problems where Tinnitus will be displayed as a symptom. These include the presence of a tumour in the cranial nerve which may induce ringing in the years. If caught early the tumour, which is not necessarily cancerous, can be removed by surgery. Removal of the tumour is not a guarantee that the Tinnitus will disappear.

An out-of-control thyroid gland can also induce ringing in your ears. Diabetes is another potential course. Other serious conditions that can affect their hearing include multiple sclerosis and meningitis.

#8 Be Careful What You Eat and Drink!!

Your ears may be ringing and you may be thinking that you have none of the above seven potential causes of Tinnitus. Well, there are many other potential hidden causes within our everyday lives. We refer to these as potential triggers rather than causes. Possible triggers include food allergies, caffienated drinks such as tea, coffee and cola, cocoa, saturated fats, alcohol, salt and sugar.

#9 Watch Those Medications

Certain medications have been linked with causing Tinnitus. One common drug that has been suspected of causing ear ringing is aspirin where some people have reported hearing high-pitched noises after taking relatively large doses of aspirin. Conversely, other Tinnitus sufferers have reported that their symptoms have reduced after taking aspirin. We said at the beginning of an article that there was still plenty of work to do to fully understand the causes of Tinnitus, and these facts clearly demonstrate that more work is needed. Other potential drugs linked with Tinnitus include ibuprofen.

#10 Blame It On The Smokes

10. No list of potential health risks will be complete without the good old cigarette. Whether cigarettes actually cause ear ringing in the first place is still under question, however many people report that continued smoking makes their Tinnitus worse. For those that do stop smoking, they also report an improvement in their ear ringing after giving up.

#11 Now You’ve Got Me Worried!!

A promise that this is the final potential cause – stress and anxiety.

We appreciate that reading all of the above is enough to get any man or woman worried. The thing to recognise is that if you are suffering from an ear ringing problem, there are many potential causes, however in most cases the course is fairly obvious. Please do not panic at the first sign of trouble with your ears, but if a problem does not clear after a couple of days then then it is best if you get yourself checked out by a doctor