Mastigra 100 Review: A Generic Impotence Treatment With Negative Reputation

Mastigra 100 Review: A Generic Impotence Treatment With Negative Reputation

Mastigra 100 Review: A Generic Impotence Treatment With Negative Reputation

Brand: Mastigra 100

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Ridley Life Science

Country of Manufacture: India

Mastigra 100 Package Image

Review and Description

Mastigra 100 is an Erectile Dysfunction (ED) recipe from a pharmaceutical manufacturing and exporting company in India behind the proper noun Ridley life science private limited. The generic medication has little or no difference in demeanor or chemical proponents of its branded counterpart which is Viagra. The two tablets possess a similar description on the color and the shape of the pills. Not to mention the little swallow able sizes in which they are packaged. That way you wouldn’t be wrong when referring to Mastigra as a blue diamond-shaped film-coated tablet.

On to its therapeutic composition the medicine is a combination of various chemicals however the most prominent one is Sildenafil citrate. It is the one whose efficacy is strongly associated to, in other words, it is the same magic behind its reduction of ED symptoms in men. The medicine is also known to have some positive results when it comes to harnessing the effects of Pulmonary hypertension in some instances. The recent treatment gives it an avenue to be consumed by the female lot although a lot of research on its interference on lactating and pregnant women is yet to be conducted. It works by appreciating the vasodilation of the veins and arteries in the erectile muscles to accelerate the flow of blood to the penis. The improved circulation acts as a prerequisite for a hardy, robust and moderate lasting erection necessary for a typical sexual performance for patients who have impotence. Regular arousal procedures which make an extensive use of the sense of touch should be well utilized to achieve the desired results after taking the pill in less than fifty minutes earlier than the sexual exchange.

Good mannerisms dictate that it is courteous to applaud the brain behind a given innovation as much as we adore the invention. It is from that counsel that we explore a thing or two from Ridley life science privately limited which was started in 2006 in India. It produces medications for human and veterinary consumption in a spectrum of forms such as syrups, ointments, syringes, powders, capsules, and tablets. Diversity is the key to its solutions as their uses cuts across the treatment of flu, aches, fever, impotence and dietary deficiencies among others. A decade down the line it has proved its worth through the manufacturing and exporting of about three hundred pharma products. Some of the areas which thirst for its quality drugs are South East and central Asia, Africa and Central America. Needless to mention its grip on the local market.

Customer Reviews

The product is as good as the remarks of its direct consumers. To ascertain that the claims of the manufacturers are just but the true gospel we tirelessly surfed the internet for feedbacks from Mastigra 100 Mg users. One of the hubs for the excellent testimonials that we are about to present for you is A site which retails prescription medications driven by the art of convenience.

On Tuesday 22nd February 2011, Ali G raises a concern whose address would be the motive behind the consumption of Mastigra. The inquiry came about after she `found mastigra-100 pills’ in her boyfriend’s bag. Ali has a clue of what the drugs might have been prescribed for as she suspects they are taken by people who suffer from ED. But according to her, it is safe to consult on the platform other than to confront her spouse.

On yet another Tuesday where the Calendar marked it as 29th March 2011, Verwon reviewed Mastigra by stating its make and use

On yet another Tuesday where the Calendar marked it as 29th March 2011, Verwon reviewed Mastigra by stating its make and use. In his comment, he discouraged some misleading concepts regarding the drug terming them as `myths.’ Some of these statements are making assumptions that Mastigra will help one to `get a larger erection or be able to have sex longer than usual.’ The reviewer was also generous in mentioning some of the side effects one is likely to encounter while consuming the pill.

Pricing and Dosage

As the name spills Mastigra, 100 Mg tablets contain 100 Mg majority of which is Sildenafil citrate in a maximum level. Others come in the standard and lower quantities of this chemical in (50 and 25) Mg respectively. One of the places where the pills are retailed from is with a pill going for $ 1.10 in a group of a hundred making a total of $ 110.00.

The same tablet is also availed in the cost of $ 0

The same tablet is also availed in the cost of $ 0.42 in a bunch of a thousand pills with the monetary summation being $ 420.00. As it is the case for most generics, making various remedies to be affordable than their branded counterparts. The tag of Mastigra pill needs to be multiplied not less than six times to match the value of a brand Viagra despite the two having similar strengths and outcomes.

How to Buy Mastigra 100 Online

Mastigra 100 Mg is not as popular as its alternatives although that is not news, what is salient is one of its greatest substitutes called Fildena. The drug is not only accessible from online stores but also well shelved in the leading drugstores on the internet such as:

Fildena sells at an average price of $ 1.75 from the first link while the second one displays it at $ 1.34. Shipping charges are not more than $ 10.00 using the ordinary airmail or $ 20.00 through the express service.

How to Use

Mastigra 100 Mg ought to be taken with water in the evasion of alcohol and lipid-laden meals. It is frequently applied for erectile dysfunction in men above the age of eighteen. The treatment is more effective if taken as needed thirty minutes before the sexual experience. Or on a daily basis at a given time frame. Never take more than one tablet within 24 hours you would rather forego a forgotten dose than to take an overdose.

Side Effects

Mastigra is common for eventuating to flushing, headaches, muscle and backaches, a stuffy and bloody nose on the mild scales. While it can cause a prolonged erection (lasting four more than three hours), temporary loss of vision and hearing abilities as well as hypotension on the adverse levels in dire need of a medical practitioner.

Conclusion with Rating

Mastigra 100 Mg is an impotence remedy from India manufactured by Ridley life sciences company. It has influenced the industry for more than a decade with its veterinary and human welfare solutions. Mastigra has no persuading reviews on its efficacy making it score 2-stars rating out of five. Consult your medical physician before consuming any drug and free your doubts by buying a highly reviewed product.