Perfopil Sildenafil Review: Generic Viagra Produced In India Fails To Impress New Patients

Perfopil Sildenafil Review: Generic Viagra Produced In India Fails To Impress New Patients

Perfopil Sildenafil Review: Generic Viagra Produced In India Fails To Impress New Patients

Brand: Perfopil Sildenafil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Aurochem Laboratories

Country of Manufacture: India

Perfopil Sildenafil Package Image

Review and Description

Perfopil Sildenafil, a product of Aurochem Laboratories based in India, is currently advertised as one of the generic forms of the brand Viagra on the market. Produced in India, Perfopil Sildenafil has all the characteristics that it needs in order to thrive in the international market as a cheap and effective erectile dysfunction drug. A large number of men these days suffer from impotence, with the cause of this condition spanning from stress and psychological reasons right down to a lack of sexual desire or attraction to the person’s sexual partner. Regardless of the cause, impotence can greatly reduce the general emotional well-being of the men who suffer from it. Aurochem Laboratories sought to resolve this condition, as long as it is physical, by bringing forward their own versions of Sildenafil Citrate.

Aurochem Laboratories was founded in the year 1997 in India and has since worked hard to bring affordable medicines to the general public. Today, the company can boast of about 450 brands that they have produced including, but not limited to drugs that correct erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil Citrate is one of the 3 most commercial 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors that work against the enzyme in order to enable men to keep an erection for a longer period of time. The enzyme inhibitor works by allowing the action of cGMP to last longer, thereby enabling the penile arteries to become engorged with blood, and most importantly keeping the blood flowing within these arteries, as this is necessary for a healthy sex life with a strong erection.

Aurochem Laboratories has managed to gain the respect of many large pharmaceutical vendors as this is usually the go-to-drug when a person talks about generic Viagra. Due to this success in the international market, Perfopil Sildenafil is expected to be easily found online for great cheap prices. The buyers could even expect to have several discounts based on the pharmaceutical vendor they are dealing with. This is great news for anybody who is looking to treat their erectile dysfunction but is unable to afford brand Viagra.

Customer Reviews

As stated above, Aurochem Laboratories is an Indian manufacturing company that produces several erectile dysfunction drugs as well as other needful drugs for the health and well-being of potential clients. According to their website, Aurochem Laboratories has the mission and goal to supply quality medication to the rest of the world. Having constantly met customers’ needs for close to 30 years, the company has been able to create drugs that are consumer friendly based on the response from clients. In order for Aurochem Laboratories to satisfy their international market, the company has laid different plans such as contractual agreements and partnerships with several large companies abroad to bridge the gap between India and the world. One might even say due to Aurochem’s hard-working spirit, the company may just have already succeeded in making this dream a reality.

Pricing and Dosage

It was difficult to find the pricing of Perfopil Aurochem online. It could be that the drug is no longer in stock, or the company has retracted the drug from the international market and brought forth another option. Nevertheless, it is important to note that generic forms of Sildenafil Citrate are always sold for much less than their branded counterpart Viagra. Since many competitive prices for a particular drug may exist, it is advised that potential buyers do adequate research to find the best deals when shopping for these medications online.

Erectile dysfunction drugs usually have no strict regimen when it comes to how they should be taken, except that a doctor must always be consulted prior to being used.

How to Buy Perfopil Sildenafil Online

Since Perfopil cannot be found in the main trusted online pharmaceutical stores, potential customers are advised to try Fildena, a well-known and marketed drug which has already proven itself time and time again to be the best and most internationally recognized generic form of Viagra manufactured in India.

Fildena comes in 150mg, 100mg, 50 and 25mg tablets. The highest price per pill is about $1.75 each when ordering 30 of the 150mg pills. This price gradually decreases for the subsequent doses and even with larger orders of the pills with the same dosage. Fildena is sold in the following stores:

How to Use

No medication should be taken without the doctor’s consent and also without the possibility of an allergic reaction ruled out. That being said, after establishing which dose is suitable for the patient, the patient should swallow the pill whole with a glass of water. Perfopil Sildenafil is taken 60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse and under no circumstance should the patient overdose on the drug. Not more than one dose of Perfopil Sildenafil should be taken in a day. The recommended dose is 50mg and this can be adjusted by the doctor based on the patient’s response to the drug.

Side Effects

After ruling out allergic reactions, the side effects of Sildenafil Citrate are usually headaches, facial swelling and flushing, swelling of the limbs, back and stomach aches, nausea and vomiting. These effects are transient and they disappear within minutes. If any of these symptoms persist it is necessary to seek medical help.  The rare and severe side effects are the sudden blurring of vision or alteration of colored vision, sudden loss of hearing, tingling in the ears and chest pain.

Patients who are suffering from systemic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus should seek medical opinion before taking any drug containing Sildenafil Citrate.

Conclusion with Rating

Perfopil Sildenafil, manufactured in India by Aurochem Laboratories is one medication created to put an end to erectile dysfunction in men. Since Aurochem Laboratories is a well-respected manufacturer within the Indian circles, it can be assumed that the drug was created to be marketed within India and its environs.

Since Perfopil Sildenafil contains Sildenafil Citrate as its active ingredient, the drug works by delaying the action of 5-phosphodiesterase in penile arteries, thereby giving men a way to fight impotence and have an enjoyable sex life. Aurochem laboratories, since its establishment in 1997 although it was said to be in operation for much longer, have made it a point to bring this luxury to men at a much cheaper price than what is advertised for Viagra online.

The rating of this drug remains at 2 out of 5 because it was difficult to tell if Perfopil Sildenafil is really still available online. With no consumer reviews to be found, one cannot bank his or her hopes on its efficacy. It is advised that all potential consumers who plan to buy generic Viagra online should first check the efficacy of the drug, check its availability on the market and also be sure of the vendor’ reputation.